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Boricle International believes in mitigating potential security risks by adhering to the International Supply Chain Security Standards in conforming to both the C-TPAT and Global Security Verification Program (GSV). As our company is in constant contact abroad, we extend our cooperation with anti-terrorism principles and coordinate with security action plans in handling goods and relevant documentations to better implement security measures in benefit of our partnership with clients.


As a strong supporter of the ICTI Code of Business Practices (Class A), our factory is dedicated in implementing and complying with such measures in providing over 1000 workers a safe and humane workplace environment. Our practices are designed to continually enforce a transparent workplace to be a good role model as both a manufacturer and exporter of this industry.

Boricle International has a factory size of over 300,000m2 and over 1000 workers. We believe in helping to reduce the unnecessary costs in production for you, our customers, by providing a variety of in-house assembly & production lines and in-house professional engineers to aid you through every step of the way. Boricle International also focuses on the efficiency of in-house services to provide you with an easy and worthwhile experience.


Wood Plant
Metal Cutting Plant
Galvanization                                                                              Galvanization Bath

Robotic Welding Arm                                                                  Multiple Port Welding Machine
Automatic Powder Painting Line

Sewing Line
Printing Machine
Pad Print
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